Rehabilitación en El Campanario del Paraíso
Rehabilitación en El Campanario del Paraíso

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

The key of a good treatment is a good diagnosis


Exploration, diagnosis, manual and instrumental treatment (electrotherapy).


- Craniosacral therapies

- Myofascial induction techniques

- Manual lymphatic drainage

- Sports physiotherapy

- Dry needling

- Kinesiotape o neuromuscular kinetic therapy

- Neurological phisyotherapy - Hydrotherapy

- Physical therapy in rheumatic pathology

- Oncological physiotherapy
Treatment of cancer patients due to secondary processes of this disease and/or treatment - Lymphedema, dysesthesia, respiratory failure, pain, depression, and so on. Physical therapy techniques Manual Lymphatic Drainage, manual therapy, respiratory therapy, myofascial induction, joint mobilization exercises, craniosacral techniques ... are key tools as a healing medium and/or palliative.

- Trauma Therapy
Treatment of injuries of the musculoskeletal system: fractures, muscle/ligament sprains, pre and post-surgical treatment, postural reeducation, muscle overload, cranio-mandibular dysfunctions, joint instability, dizziness, whiplash, spinal diseases, sports injuries...
The combination of manual techniques, electrotherapy and active exercises guided by the physiotherapist are the starting point for optimal recovery, return to the sport and prevent future injuries.